My Postpartum Fitness Outlook – Junk Miles Are Better Than Nothing

It’s hard for me to believe that at this time last year I was waddling and waiting for my daughter to arrive. I was extremely lucky to have an easy pregnancy and the ability to stay active until the very end. As expected, my postpartum fitness regiment has changed, but surprisingly, for the better. I’m not faster or stronger and I certainly don’t devote as much time to fitness. Yet, I rely on it more and the mental clarity that comes with it. What was once just a habit is now an appreciated necessity. It’s nice to see things in a different light and I’ve enjoyed the new outlook.

Priorities. Every parent will tell you that priorities change when you have a kid – I certainly can’t argue with that. “Don’t sweat the small stuff”, “take things in stride”, and “be flexible” are things that this Type-A-New-Yorker have fully embraced. Fitness still remains a priority for me even though fitting it in sometimes requires a bit more creativity and resourcefulness. And yes, there are times where I would rather workout than hang out with my kid. On those occasions, I do.

Cross Training. I’m a creature of habit with my fitness routine, but in the past year I’ve pushed the boundaries with cross training. And by pushing boundaries, I’m referring to the actual definition of what can be considered cross-training e.g. squats with a baby. I’ve had minor post partum pain, namely hips, back, arms, and neck so I’ve opted for more variety and less pounding of the pavement. In the past, I would have scoffed at the idea of taking a yoga, pilates or even a spin class. Work-out snobbery be gone! Wherever and whenever I can squeeze in fitness, I’m game. Whether it’s power walking like a maniac with a stroller, pretending to be in the Tour de France on my Citibike, or carrying my kid up 20 flights of stairs, I have no shame.

Junk miles are better than no miles. They say quality is better than quantity, but that isn’t always the case. This past year junk miles and I have grown to have an understanding. This is a big departure from someone who regards time management and efficiency as religion. Junk miles have been a source of mind numbing and mind enhancing relaxation and at the end of the day, easy fitness is better than none!

My daughter turns one this week and is getting her first set of wheels. As she starts to ride, walk and talk (hopefully in that order), I imagine there will be more room for creative cross training in the near future.