My favorite bike destinations

There’s no better way to explore new cities than on a bicycle. All my favorite travel adventures have included hoping on the saddle – from urban sprawls to unpaved wilderness. Here’s a a glimpse of some of my favorite bike experiences across the globe:

elephant landscape

1)Kruger National Park, South Africa: Equal parts exhilarating and terrifying, riding through the South African bush is perfect for the thrill seeker.  With an experienced guide and armed tracker, we mountain biked across unspoiled terrain spotting animals all around us.  Extreme humility knowing you can’t outpace a cheetah? Check. Indescribable sense of awe and respect for nature? Check.



2) South of France – Biking through quaint medieval villages, wine, cheese and stunning blue waters of the of the Cote d’azur – plenty of reason to hit the road. From easy to challenging, the terrain supports cyclists of any level.


3) Barcelona, Spain – Barcelona is one of my favorite biking cities. The beautiful promenades and miles of bike lines let you to cover the entire city. There’s enough greenery, beaches and architecture to make your head spin along with your legs. It’s an urban cyclists playground. With all the awesome food, there’s plenty to fuel yourself too!



4) Montreal, Canada – This is another awesome city for cyclists. Their Bixi bike share is visitor-friendly and with tons of docking stations so it’s easy to hop on and off to check out the sites.  The city is filled with green space and designated bike lanes which makes the few months of good weather that they actually get even that much more amazing. Biking along the Canal de Lachine is a must for miles of uninterrupted cycling at any level.



5) Atacama Dessert, Chile – Silence is the first thing you experience in the Atacama Dessert.  The terrain is vast and unexpected – You can expect to see dry moon-like craters, hot springs and volcanoes as far as the eyes can see.  It’s the perfect spot for taking your wheels off-road.