MooMotion introduces a new look to the multi-sport world and challenges the notion of what traditional triathlete attire should look like. Every seam, every stitch and fabric is thoughtfully designed for women to look and feel great at any mile.

Founded by Parsons School of Design alum, Melissa Moo Harkins, the brand reflects her love of the sport and love of design. She is proud to create products of unparalleled quality and provide women with versatility to perform at their best.

Melissa takes inspiration from the energy of NYC and the mantra work hard and play harder. Prior to launching her company in 2012, she spent nearly a decade on Wall St. In combining her business background with her love for fashion and athletics, MooMotion was born. Melissa has completed several marathons and is a three-time Ironman finisher. She and her husband raced in the 2010 Lake Placid Ironman and married at the finish line.

Melissa dedicates her line to the women who balance work, life, play… while still making the time and effort to go the distance.